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About Us

are a new-age creative & digital agency.

build brands for ambitious companies & category leaders. 

have obsessive compulsive disorder to understand the consumer, geeky DNA

to dissect digital world & a melodramatic streak to narrate emotional stories.

have left brainers balancing the right ones or vice versa. Well! it’s never a dull

day when strategists & creative souls work together.

We understand that in today’s world, marketing is a cocktail of effective

research, substance that impacts business & a potent story.



Mukesh Bansal,


"Having worked with Ainara before, I appreciate her ability to marry business needs to the marketing programmes, which reflects in their work. We have hired Canvilicious on build-operate-transfer model on some of our key marketing initiatives. They are playing a key role in helping us establish as a holistic healthcare & fitness brand".


We are in existence to build brands & narrate their stories. 
Brands that are agile and will stay relevant by bringing requisite change and energizing themselves. Brands that are category leaders & understand the impact culture has on them and the role they play in influencing them. 


Having worked on both corporate & agency side, we have the experience in first-hand disconnect between in-house marketing and agencies. At times, certain agencies offer more tactical solutions, which are often creative driven with low business integration while on other side, there are many which are strategic but have low creative appeal. Canvilicious was set up to bridge this gap, and at the speed of change that the clients are going through while maintaining the quality. Why compromise on either?

Tempted to work with us. Let’s talk.


ainara kaur


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" Canvi means change in Spanish and it becomes delicious only when it works smoothly ."

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