So, are you happy today?

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

My social media feed is filled with International Happiness Day. Companies sharing how employees and consumers are happy. Is there something wrong - No.

I feel these days are a great way of pausing for a moment and thinking about the issue / day's theme. It's a great way of taking stock if we are doing something worthwhile for women, for our relationships, showing gratitude, spreading happy & so on...

There was a debate if we should have woman's day at all? Does it do anything for empowering the women? The concept of having special days is to bring attention to some serious issues or even some not-so-serious rather fun stuff. Expecting anything more is assigning a much heavier task to these days than they can deliver. It's yet another opportunity to engage with your TG. 

What goes wrong is when companies / people start treating these days absolutely tactically to just get eyeballs or just be a part of topic/trending of the day. 

Here are four steps on how companies should treat these special days. 

a. To begin with decide which days are important for your brand, be it consumer brand or employer. 

b. Use these days strategically rather than tactically. Define key initiatives that you will be taking year round on the chosen subject.

c. Create campaigns on the special days that move your brand needle or take your business ahead.

d. It's fine to go ahead and challenge some of these days. After all, you can celebrate happiness in the organisation every day :) You don't need a day for that.

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